Essays on Christianity

Welcome to my small but growing collection of brief essays on hot topics about God, Christianity and religion. These aren't doctrinal treaties, they're opinion pieces on issues I've thought about or feel strongly about. The most important thing you could do after reading these articles is develop your own opinion, based on your exploration of the Bible and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

God gives clear direction on important issues, but on other issues, He wants us to develop an understanding relationally with him. A good example of this is the 'Relativistic morality' article below - should we give all our money to save the hungry and starving? How can we justify having cars, jewelry and electronics when others are dying?

We need to explore God's Word for ourselves, to seek His guidance and truth - on a panoramic basis (for our life) and a daily basis (for immediate decisions and opportunities). So feel free to disagree with me, or even educate me where you feel I'm ill-informed - let's encourage each other to prayerfully consider these issues out of a deep and constant relationship with God.

So, read ahead with caution! These are my views, and my opinions. Remember, you choose to follow the links, so please don't think that I'm trying to bible-bash/convert you. But do feel free to talk to me about them! :-)

Doctrinal Discourses

Some personal revelations about God's promises, His word, and His people (us!) :)

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