Gambling - right, wrong or indifferent?

by Nathan Bailey

Is gambling right or wrong?

Personally, I don't think there is enough evidence in the Bible to support either argument to the exclusivity of the other. However, I don't think that lets us sidestep the issue altogether.

We are called to be responsible stewards of our resources -- our time, our money, our bodies, everything that God has entrusted to us to manage. To fruitlessly through that away on a poor return investment is not wise stewardship, it is foolishness. We should instead follow the instruction given to the foolish steward, who was told that if he did not know how to invest his talent, he should instead have consulted with someone wiser, who could have assisted him.

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Finally, there is another reason I do not gamble -- for the example that I set. Whilst I may be capable of stopping after one or two bets, those who follow my example may not be. Since I intend to be in a position of leadership in the future, it will be fair to presume that others will look at me and say "Well he is doing it, so it must be ok [for me to do it]". Personally, I don't want that kind of responsiblity, with regards to gambling. I don't want someone who is weak-willed to fall into a life of gambling just because they followed my example, but without my ability for restraint. Worse still, perhaps I am one of those who does not have the ability for restraint. I'd rather not find out.

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