The supernatural

by Nathan Bailey

Do you believe in the supernatural?

LL asked ''. In short, I believe in a realm that cannot be seen by the normal five senses, and yet can be perceived by us. This realm is often called 'the supernatural.' There are many different supernatural phenomena, and I don't necessarily believe in all of them. Some more commonly referenced phenomena are clairvoyance (as employed by psychics), levitation and astral projection.

The simplest supernatural act would be prayer, speaking to some 'supernatural' entity. Under this definition, many millions of people all over the world are involved in the supernatural! However, not all of these people are actually expecting a two-way conversation. Anyone can speak, but it takes some practise to listen, and hear.

I do not know of many people who have ever heard supernatural voices audibly -- there are some, but it is not very common. By far the majority of people who listen supernaturally are discerning a voice that is seperate from their own in their 'inner conversation.' (Hey, we all talk to ourselves ;-)

Essentially, we become aware of thoughts that are not our own -- information that we could not naturally be aware of and perceptions beyond our normal abilities. Over time, we can develop our capacity to hear in this way, and to distinguish a specific supernatural voice from our own thoughts.

Of course, it can easily be argued that this is nothing more than the developing of a normal human skill, perhaps a 'sixth sense' that we all have, and that each specific supernatural voice is an aspect of this sixth sense. This might be plausible for perceptions which involve family, friends and people we meet and see (perhaps an extension of our normal perceptive ability).

However, it is difficult to believe that our normal perceptive ability could extend to describing specific events, actions or objects. For example, if someone asks over the phone, "What am I doing right now" and you can answer such a question every time, with certainity, that is beyond the realm of normal perception.

So how can people receive such information? Well, first you must make a choice -- do you really believe that they can hear (even some of the time), or do you think they are merely faking it, by "setting things up" or by giving out common, broad answers to every question? Perhaps the only way you could be convinced of the authenticity of such perception is for someone to tell something about you, that they could not possibly know otherwise.

Presuming such perception is possible (I'll deal with that question at the end), how does it work? And who is speaking? How can you begin to hear? And how can you be sure who you are listening to?

I believe that there are four major kinds of supernatural beings -- God, mankind, angelic messengers and demonic messengers. Angelic messengers serve God, demonic messengers serve Satan, who is also a demonic messenger. As a Christian, I believe that we should seek to listen only to God, and that he will speak if we are listening.

Whilst God may send an angelic messenger to speak to us, I do not believe we should seek to hear from them. I think if you seek to listen to anyone other than God, you are most likely to hear from a demonic messenger. These messengers are aware of past events and can observe current situations, but cannot tell the future. Of course, if you know a lot about what is happening right now, then you can make some very educated guesses about the future, so they may make such claims. Most often, though, they seek to fulfill their ultimate purpose, of destruction, and so any ''future-telling'' they do is likely to lead down a very painful path.

(... more to come ...)

I want to believe -- who can I talk to?

I am not aware of anyone who would guarantee to hear supernaturally with 100 percent accuracy. I do know a number of people who tend to be quite accurate, having finely developed their capacity to see and hear in the supernatural realm. Whilst I have had the opportunity to act in this way a few times, I would not claim by any means to be in the ranks of the well-skilled!

If you want to learn to hear the supernatural, the first thing you'll want to do is make sure you're connected to the safe, loving supernatural God -- so read about the Steps to Salvation and make a good choice! :-) Even in doing this simple act, it is quite likely that you will feel something different, and be ready to listen to His still, quiet voice.

(... more to come ...)

© Copyright 2000-2001, Nathan Bailey

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