Photos of me, past and present

That's not a reflection from the red shirt...
The present: Long hair on a 38° day... (31st December 2009)

People kept pulling it to see if it was real!
The past: No product was used in the styling of this hair... (13th November 2009)

I'm not balding, it's just the camera angle. Or maybe I am and I'm just in denial?
The past: Long hair with balding? (11th November 2009)

Like the trending glass tiling?
The past: Midlength hair, on the way to long (16th January 2009)

Racing stripes make me go faster?
The past: When I said I want a half-bleach, what I meant was... (7th August 2008)

Friendly bouncer on the job
The past: Back in my bouncer days... (3rd January 2008)

[Do blondes really have more fun?]
The past: Inspired by Scotty@AusWeb (13th July, 2002)

[Two halves don't make a whole?]
The past: Note the trendy dual-angle-using-a-mirror photography by Cindy! (~21st March, 2001)

[An attempt at the worst hat award]
The past: Incredibly, I did not win worst hat! :-P (7th November, 2000)

[Yes, people told blonde jokes... :-}]
The past: Blondie: Artificial Intelligence? :-) (23rd June, 2000)

[Okay, so I may have a _slight_ bias when it comes to operating systems...]
The past: Tux, the Linux Mascot (28th March, 2000)

[It's gotta be a fake!]
The past: A once in a lifetime opportunity to see me in a suit! (The MBA made me do it...)

[Nate with a full beard]
The past: Moses, Keith Green or Noah? No-one is quite sure! :-) (7th October, 1999)

[Technicolor nails]
The past: I got nailed by some girls armed to the teeth with nail polish! (18th July, 1999)

[The soccer ball hair cut]
The past: We had a ball cutting this one :-) (28th March, 1999)

[Picture of me with a tonsure]
The past: 'Monk'eying around (15th November, 1998)

[Picture of me with a full beard]
The past: Full-Bearded Nate (8th May, 1998)
A better one is coming soon!!!

[Picture of me with a pointy beard]
The past: Mr Pointy Beard (9th January, 1998)

[Picture of me with short hair and goatee]
The past: Short hair with a goatee (16th December, 1997)

[Picture of me in my MC polo]
The past: Normal(?) hair with my MC polo (22th September, 1997)

[Picture of me with my MC class]
The past: Graduates of The Master's Commission, Class of 1996 - 1997 (12th? August(?), 1997)

[Picture of me in a monitor]
The past: Virtual Nate (3rd December, 1995)

[Picture of me with a mohawk]
The past: A mohawk (20th? August?, 1995)
Read about it

[Picture of me with a shaved head]
The past: No hair at all (10th November, 1998)

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