Tithing: What is it, and why?

by Nathan Bailey

God abides by a principle known as sowing and reaping. This principle, simply stated, says that if you sow something, you can expect to receive something in a similar kind (or in even greater amounts). This can be a really good thing, if you sow things like love, peace or money. Or a really bad thing, if you sow things like anger, bitterness or hate. This article discusses the principle of sowing and reaping in the context of "tithing". Tithing is a practise instituted by God whereby we give 10% of our income back to Him. Back, since He gave it to us first, if through no other means than His gift of our abilities and skills.

Tithing, by Pastor Harold Eberly

29/12/96 New Year's Conference

On a regular basis we need to break the rules and give, which will lead to greater health and wholeness. To be healthy we need to regularly clean house (e.g. give away everything every seven years, and start again from scratch). Isaiah 60:1-5 nations The sickness of America is not cleaning house. 1 Timothy 6:10 Paul says to Timothy "their love of money is the root of all their problems" v17,18 "being generous will release them from the focus on money!"

Tithing, by Pastor Ward Correll

??/12/96 New Year's Conference

God must be true to His word. If we give with a small measure, He is forced to employ that same small measure when He is releasing blessing back to us.

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