Resources for people who want to invest in covenant, life-long relationships.
[''God's word is a two-edged sword'']

What is dating, What is courtship?
– not just word games, but a different perspective.
[Mystery of relationships]

Defining relationships
– what is a real relationship?
[Wedding rings]

Relationship based on covenant
– whose wife are you dating?
[Mystery woman]

My courtship
– a trip into the future :)
[Wrapping up]

Wrap-up – what to do while you wait, further resources.
[That flirting smile ain't so harmless...]

The cherem of courtship – All about flirting...
[A long list of reasons to consider a different path :-)]

Top 25 reasons not to date – Problems with today's model of recreational dating.
[Scales of Law]

Rules, guidelines and principles – The letter of the law vs. the spirit of the law.
[Old man with cane]

Over 25? – A few thoughts for older singles [DRAFT]
[Check'd bible]

Pop Quiz – test your knowledge of the bible and relationships! :)
[Nate awaiting email :-)]

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