The Spirit of Self-Pity, by Pastor Bill

From notes taken on 28/12/1996 at Harvest Christian Fellowship's New Year's Conference

by Nathan Bailey

1 Kings 16:31... The Ahab spirit, a spirit of self-pity. All the tyrants of history dwelt in self-pity, e.g. "Mien Kamf" by Adolf Hitler = "My sorrows". This message presents 23 indications of the self-pitying spirit.
  1. It starts when we trivialize sin. This happens primarily when we do a comparison -- at least my sin isn't as bad as ...'s.
  2. Jezebel has the courage to do what Ahab wanted to do
  3. Makes a provision for the flesh (v32) erected to Baal. Men who have problems with self-pity usually have problems with pornography.
  4. Makes sin a sport (v33). Ahab only felt sorry when he was caught.
  5. (v34) Self-pity makes an incredibly hostile environment for children -- he traded children for success.
  6. Master blame-shifter. 1 Kings 18:17 Ahab calls Elijah the "troubler of Israel". Always come with an accusation. People full of self-pity never take responsibility for their actions.
  7. (v41) Ahab had watched the whole thing! He had seen the miraculous work/hand of God -- and was totally unaffected by it.
  8. 1 Kings 19:1 Delighted to get others in trouble
  9. 1 Kings 20:40 Judge others harshly -- people who are full of self-pity are wired backwards. When they should show compassion, they are harsh, and when they should be hard/firm, they are too lenient.
  10. (v42-43) Whine about their own judgment -- always see themselves as a victim.
  11. 1 Kings 21:2 Always focus on another man's field -- consumed by what others have and they don't, and will not hear of God's blessing in their life.
  12. 1 Kings 21:4 Always have a little black cloud over them. Sometimes it precedes them! (You can sense them coming as you sense this depression coming closer).
  13. 1 Kings 21:4 Spend hours in their bed. They are preoccupied with comfort -- food, movies, memories, etc.
  14. 1 Kings 21:6 Selected information, half-truths. Naboth has said that God forbade him to, that he could not do it.
  15. 1 Kings 21:8-9 Secretly enjoyed what was going on -- he didn't do it! But where did the seal come from? His finger! They cannot do it themselves, but are thoroughly enjoying it when someone else does it.
  16. 1 Kings 21:20 See the prophets as an enemy. They see close up prophets as an enemy -- when the prophet brings truth to their face.
  17. 1 Kings 21:27 Only respond to the major reproofs of God for a season.
  18. The children pay (v27). Generation transfer to ensure children do not follow in paths of parents.
  19. 1 Kings 22:8 Ahab sees the truth as evil (prophets just speak the truth) "Legalism! Control! Bondage!"
  20. 1 Kings 22:12 Likes to surround himself with sympathizers -- amazing ability to attract people who are offering unsanctified mercy (i.e. inappropriate compassion, loving them in their sin instead of confronting them out of it).
  21. 1 Kings 22:16 They really do know how to act -- that's why they act schizophrenic.
  22. 1 Kings 22:22 Entertain a deceiving spirit from God
  23. 1 Kings 22:30,34 They got preoccupied with evil/demonic, ends in death.
Self-pity is a dead-end! Evil matures just as much as righteousness can. "Christ's sacrifice is is not enough, I have to have pity on myself." Self-pity is satan's favourite baby-sitter.

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