Dating vs. Courtship: The Test

by Nathan Bailey

Pop Quiz:
Test your knowledge on the Bible and relationships! :)


Here it is folks: 25 questions to test your knowledge on what the Bible has to say about cross-gender relationships. Test your mettle, try your skill -- if you get them all right, maybe you can suggest a few new questions to me! :)

  1. Does the Bible ever discuss dating? (by description or by reference)
  2. Does the Bible ever discuss courting? (by description or by reference)
  3. Does the Bible ever discuss betrothal without consent? (by description or by reference)
  4. Does St Paul think you should get married?
  5. How far does St Paul think you should go, physically, before you get married? No Idea No Intercourse No Petting No Kissing No Touching
  6. Does the Bible say we must marry a Christian?
  7. Is flirting okay?
  8. What age is best to marry at?
  9. What day should you get married on?
  10. more questions to come RSN!

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To brush up on your knowledge about the Bible and relationships, please check the books and URLs listed on my Courtship Resources page

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