Dating vs. Courtship: Part 9

by Nathan Bailey

Over 25?
A few thoughts for older singles

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Whilst I understand that age does affect the courtship process, I don't think it nullifies it. I myself am 29 years old. The most important point of courtship is that one doesn't get involved in romance until one is ready for it — and then, you romance once, with your life partner.

The dating practise that is unbiblical is having multiple romantic relationships with multiple different partners. This was never part of God's design, He intended us to give our hearts once, to one person, just as we should give our bodies to only one person.

Different church structures can certainly affect the outworking of the courtship process but it doesn't have to be a pastor or even a church leader, just someone who is a significant spiritual influence in your life — someone who knows you well, can advise you well, can protect you from making an unwise decision and guide you in the whole courtship process — a mentor, if you will.

Even though I have not lived at home for a few years, I still intend to involve my parents as much as possible. I think, though, that the area of older singles needs to be addressed in clearer detail, since this is a growing portion of the (unmarried) population.

How old were:

when they began courting?

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