Who am I?

Tony Campolo relates how so many people take time out of life in order to find out who they are -- to peel away the layers and find out what lies beneath, as it were -- but what if we aren't apples, with a core, but more like onions, made up of a sum total of layers? If you peel away all the layers, you may find that you have found nothing at all...

Who am I? Well, you know what I look like, and this journal records what I think about a heap of things, and, of course, there are many pages of my thoughts on Christianity and various aspects of my beliefs. But that doesn't answer who I am.

I am someone who believes the world is not so large that one man can't make a difference. I am someone who believes the world is not so small that people can plan a vision that only lasts for their lifetime. I am a man who believes that there is value in the difference between men and women. I am a man who thinks women are sexy, but chooses not to focus on their sexuality.

I believe strongly in many things, and am passionate about a few. My primary cause is Christ's -- not out of some meaningless filial duty, but because I have experienced the freedom of knowing the truth, and I love to help the hungry find food, the blind to see and the mute to speak. I'm speaking figuratively there, but I do believe in a God that heals, and I've seen miracles.

But how can a couple of hundred words describe any human being, so intricate and complex, such a wonderous work of design, each individually uniquely and different from every other, and yet in so many ways somehow the same. I am just another, and yet I choose to stand out from the crowd, because I want to make a difference. I want to leave a legacy that lasts. I want to find a better world, and take you there.

There's lots more through all these pages, or the ever curious can always email!

Tony Campolo is the preacher who said "Most of you [Christians in this room] are more offended that I said 'sh*t' than you are about the fact that people are going to a Christ-less eternity." By referencing him (and this anecdote) here, I am certain to offend some, but I wonder if his point isn't well founded. I certainly appreciate his teaching on accountability groups. But I diverge...

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