Not so strong, after all

Not so strong, after all,
Not so strong, on. my. own.
Not so strong, after all,
Without arms of strength to hold me up

Where are you, my friend when I'm down?
Where am I, for you, in turn?
Why do we think, we can live on our own?
Where do we learn the island thing from?

I wish I knew, how to need you,
I wish I knew, the way to truth.
How do I show my heart the way,
to live a life, open and vulnerable.

Vulnerable. It sounds so threating,
but in there, freedom lies.
The truth, that sets free,
the life, abundant
the way, to fulfillment, true success.
"All other ground, is sinking sand."

What do I stand on today?
Where have my feet tread?
Did I invest in His kingdom today,
or was it just more building of mine?

Do I make the time for Him,
or does He have to make time
in my life, for Him?
How confusing, I don't see,
How I can forget, His love for me?

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