Open Source Foundations: Names, URLs and financials

This information doesn't appear easy to find at present, so I have developed an archive/directory of open source organisations with references to their board, minutes and financial statements. I trust it is of assistance to others seeking this information :-) Feel free to contact me to offer suggestions, corrections or comments. Thanks!


Sakai Foundation

Mozilla Foundation

Jabber Software Foundation

NetBSD Foundation, Inc.

Open Bioinformatics Foundation

The Cyc Foundation (knowledge base/decision system)

openEHR (electronic health records)

Open Source Geospatial Foundation

The Perl Foundation

Python Software Foundation

Open Source Applications Foundation

Shuttleworth Foundation

The R Foundation for Statistical Computing

The Plone Foundation

X.Org Foundation

Firebird Foundation

Apache Software Foundation

Annodex Foundation

The GNOME Foundation

JA-SIG Foundation

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