Sports, aka extreme camping

I like adrenaline sports -- things like skiing, scuba-diving, roller blading, and sky-diving. I haven't tried the last one yet -- nor rock-climbing/abseiling, which I think I am equally likely to enjoy.

I am continually intrigued to learn about these sports, as practised by their extreme devotees. For example, did you know that rock-climbers have special tents that they can sleep in, so that they can do multiple day climbs? Can you imagine it, 1000s of feet off the ground, pitching a tent against a near verticle rock face, and going to sleep, ready for the next day of climbing?

Similarly, when I did my scuba-diving course, the instructor talked about caving. He'd been on a three-day dive, where they went deep into some caves to map them out. They took extra tanks and stuff. But think about the logistics -- sleeping underwater! What if your mouthpiece fell out?! Eating under water. Drinking. And excreting? At least urinating would warm your wetsuit up, I suppose!

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