rm -rf *

In retrospect, this is probably a really bad name to name this file, but it's apropos, so I'll stick with it for now. Every time I save this file I have to think very carefully. I would probably be driving myself nuts if I had put the space in the filename :p

guess what -- I did the biggest screw up of my working career today ;-) rm -rf on the news spool ('its' hierarchy only, fortunately) I was pretty busy (actually, I've been darn busy lately, trying to plan more and getting caught up with my MMS past a bit :p) and PersonA wanted something to do for 10 minutes, so I was going to get her to make some new newsgroups -- she's pretty good at stuff and she'd done this before (but only using her account, in a sub heirarchy). So she was making the W&IF groups (b/c PersonB is, of course too busy to, so I said I would, but I'm too busy, so ... ;-) its.wif et al

She accidentally gave the top level hierarchy a pretty name of its.wif I thought the news server had stuffed up and made a top level group instead of doing the hierarchy thing, so I just removed this false group, its.wif, and was about to create the real _sub_ group, its.wif, when it started saying "removing its.blah, its.blah.blah" and I went "eek! eek! oh eek!" as I realised what was happening (I didn't work out why until later).

I felt like a real idiot, but fortunately the actual articles were still on disk, and keith told me how to edit the active file by hand, so I fixed it all for a total lack of service to ITS groups of about 1/2hr. But I felt pretty silly :p That'll teach me to rm -rf without checking the "are you sure you want to delete ....?" message :P

it was a nice rush, tho. Poor Ross, he'd just fixed the MMS on the weekend (500% performance increase since they've fixed the file system! bad version of veritas)

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