What's up with birth control?

Birth-control and the Bible
Who is really in control?

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In terms of birth control, my conviction is that there are two extremes -- one, we totally control our reproduction (a delusion, but anyway...). The other, we just let nature dictate its course. I don't believe either is correct. My conviction is that the correct approach is to submit it to God. "God, should we have a child this year? When?" If he says "No" then you avoid reproduction by the appropriate means (definitely non-abortive!). My feeling is that leaving it to nature is not acting responsibily either -- we need to find out what God's will is, and pursue that, not just "get it by default."

To be honest, I don't really understand why anyone would only want two kids. I have a nephew who is now old enough to call me by name (makes me very proud! :-) and spending time with him makes me want to have lots of kids :-) Two just seems too small. *shrug*! (and don't get me started about overpopulation! :p)

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