Impurity: How lust is robbing our generation

How lust is robbing our generation


God is a holy God -- he cannot allow impurity in to His presence. Sin is the very antithesis of His holy purity. Something that is pure is simple, whole, singular. Impurity is the corruption of something that is pure, making it sophisticated, composed of many ingredients. God expects purity, He requires purity, and while He does not enjoy to see our effectiveness robbed by these extra ingredients, it is us who must deal with our impurities, since God has given us the choice to choose how we shall be composed.

When we recklessly attempt to enter His presence in arrogant presumption, claiming our salvation whilst flaunting our constant indulgance of sin, He must turn His face from us, grieved at our willing acceptance of impurity. He wants us to be free, He has paid the price for us to be free, but we must accept His freedom by renouncing our impurities through repentance, and refusing to indulge those things that corrupt our purity, and thus restrict our relationship with Him.

The Bible is quite clear about the requirements for entering God's presence -- in Psalm 24:3-4 "he who has clean hands and a pure heart", and in Matthew 5:8 "the pure in heart ... shall see God." The impurities that we constantly indulge in our lives will keep us from God's presence. If you are not experiencing the intimacy with God that you would like, perhaps it is because you are building a wall of sin that is keeping Him out.

A warning:

  • The strongest man in the Bible was taken out by lust. (Samson)
  • The wisest man in the Bible was taken out by lust. (Solomon)
  • The man with the greatest heart for God in the Bible was taken out by lust. (David)

    If physical strength, psychological strength or emotional strength are not enough to combat lust, what is?

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